Past WW Dinners


2009 (San Mateo, CA)

The WebWhispers Dinner for our members and guests is held each year during the IAL Annual Meeting. The WW Dinner, this year , will be held at the Marriott in San Mateo, CA on Thursday evening, June 25th, 2009. It begins at 7:30PM immediately following the reception. It's a big event for us and we look forward to seeing a large number of you there.
This is where we have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, to talk, complain, praise, laugh, tease and just have fun together.  We take a moment to share grief over our losses, to present our scholarship checks and to rejoice over those who receive our awards.  It is our moment to be together.







Those who register to attend this dinner are invited to a Reception just prior to the banquet, starting at 6:30PM. We are pleased to announce that Bruce Medical Supply is hosting this Reception for the tenth year and we appreciate the generosity of Richard Najarian for supporting our celebration.


The menu:

Mixed Field Greens
with sesame vinaigrette and sweet chili vinaigrette

Grilled Seasonal Vegetable Display

Tri-Colored Cheese Tortellini

with Alfredo Cream Sauce

Seared Salmon Filet

with pineapple, green onions and teriyaki sauce

Stir-Fried Beef

with Black Bean Sauce with broccoli and water chestnuts

Fresh baked rolls (soft)

with condiments

Brownies and Chocolate Mousse

Freshly Brewed Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee,

Hot Teas and Iced Tea


Cost of Dinner and payment information



This year, the total cost of our dinner will be $40.00 per person with a reduced price of $30.00 per person for larys (patients), caregivers, family members, and SLPs. A supplement of $10 per person to reduce the cost to that price will be shared by the ongoing generosity of Bruce Medical and InHealth Technologies who have helped us keep the cost low for our members in recent years.

Our Vendors and their guests will pay the full price of $40.00.

When you send your reservations and payment, please be sure to indicate the number of dinners you wish to pay for and include the first and last names of the people so we may put them on our list.
If you are making a donation at the same time, please indicate what portion is your contribution to WW and which part is for the Dinner. Dinner cost is not regarded as a contribution and does not count toward a sustaining membership.
You may use your VISA, Discover, or Mastercard credit card to pay for your reservations at our secure site under Donations:
Use Your Charge Card Here
You may choose to mail a check made out to "WebWhispers" to:
Terry Duga, Treasurer
6115 North Park Ave.,
Indianapolis, IN 46220.
Terry must receive payment by June 20th, 2008





Arranged Alphabetically with Company name leading where there is a list.


1   Kay Allison

2   Linda & Frank Bakara

5   ATOS - Rick Brokenshire, Johan Mansson, Mikael Sundberg, John Ready, Linda Rosinski

2   Deborah Austin & Stan Leibovitz

1   Wayne Baker

3   Phillip & Sandie Benadum, Carol Hale

2   Sandra Barner, Linda Griffis

2   Noel & Majella Best

2   Charles & Nancy Blair

4   Ann Blanton, Alethea Chamberlain, Jennifer Veekamp, Patty Welling

1   David Blevins

3   Bruce Med - Richard Najarian, Nancy Shea, Kathy Scanlon

1   Torbjorn Bull-Njaa

3   Chapman, Ed, Barb & Yvette Gauger

1   Thomas Cleveland

2   Michael Csapo & Lisa

2   Robert Craig

2   Martin & LuAnn Culhane

1   Terry Duga

1   Joanne Fenn

1   Elizabeth Finchem

1   Sapp Funderburk

2   James & Janet Gilbert

1   Carla DeLassus Gress

2   Cliff & Karen Griffin

1   Wade L. Hampton

2   Jessie & Vanessa Hart

1   Jack Henslee

2   Robert & Leslie Herbst

2   Thomas Herring & Terrie Hall

2   Jeffrey & Viv Vanden Hogen

3   InHealth - (Carol Blackmann for Mary Jane Renner, Richard Crum, Dave Michels)

1   Robert Kelley

2   Shirley & Richard Landwerlen

1   Ron Langseth

8   Jim Lauder - Table 1-8

8   Jim Lauder - Table 9-16 (Noor Ali G Haider)

2   Dorothy & Tom Lennox

2   Joe & Ellie Marasco

2   John McComb & Brenda Bevill

3   Donna McGary, Linda Rainbow & Miguel Hernandez

2   Richard & Phyllis McMullen

2   Donald & DiAnna Miller

1   Barbara Nitschneider

2   Thomas & Sandra Olsavicky

1   Jan Paddocks (with Richard Crum)

2   Steve Parizo & Kika McArthur

2   Clyde Perry & Guest

1   Susan Reeves

2   Emer & Violet Rojas

2   Mike Quellette & Barb Renaud

1   Pat Sanders

1   Sheldon Schultz

2   Clyde & Sylvia Simmons

1   Donald Six

1   Charles G. Smith

1   Gregory E. Smith

2   Sylvester (Pat) & Linda Smith

1   Mary F. Speiden

2   Tony Talmich & Laura Winthrop Talmich

1   Donna Theberge

1   Tom Watts

1   Donald Whipple


122 Total

We had some cancellations and, on the opposite side, had some who used the credit card page but it never came through to us so nothing was charged or noted. At San Mateo, we added:

2  Dennis & Judy Martin

2  Ed & Liz Roe

1  Tim Stone

1  Denise Ward

1  Sid Young


Seating arrangements


There will be eight people per table. If you would like to sit with friends, please contact those people first to be sure they have already made other arrangements. There will be no seating arrangements recorded unless payment has been received for every person you request so please get your payment in early if you wish to request special seating. No guarantees for seating but we will do the best we can. 



Table 1


Table 2


Michael Csapo
Lisa Flutot
Terry Duga
Pat Sanders
Joanne Fenn
Ed Chapman
Barb Chapman
Yvette Gauger


Bob Herbst

Lesley Herbst
Richard Crum
Jan Paddocks
Carla Gress
John Ready
Mary Jane Renner
Dave Michels




Table 3


Table 4


Richard Najarian

Nancy Shea
Kathy Scanlon
Noel Best
Majella Best
Charles Blair
Nancy Blair
Wade L Hampton


Rick Brokenshire
Johan Mansson
Mikael Sundberg
Linda Rosinski
Thomas Olsavicky
Sandra Olsavicky
John McComb
Brenda Bevill




Table 5


Table 6


Thomas Herring
Terrie Hall
David Blevins
Susan Reeves
Sandra Barner
Linda Griffis
Torbjorn Bull-Njaa
Mary F. Speiden


Dorothy Lennox
Tom Lennox
Donald Miller
DiAnna Miller
Robert Craig
Carolyne Craig
James Gilbert
Janet Gilbert




Table 7


Table 8


Joe Marasco
Ellie Marasco
Richard McMullen
Phyllis McMullen
Tom Watts
Jessie Hart
Vanessa Hart

Robert Kelley


Jeffrey Vanden Hogen
Viv Vanden Hogen
Kay Allison
Thomas Cleveland
Charles G Smith
Donna Theberge
Donald Whipple
Greg E. Smith




Table 9


Table 10


Donna McGary
Linda Rainbow
Miguel Hernandez
Deborah Austin
Stan Leibovitz
Elizabeth Finchem

Linda Bakara

Frank Bakara


Jack Henslee
Barbara Nitschneider
Emer Rojas
Violet Rojas

Clyde Perry
Ann Perry

Donald Six
Wayne Baker




Table 11


Table 12


Steve Parizo
Kika McArthur
Clyde Simmons
Sylvia Simmons

Ed Roe

Liz Roe
Tim Stone
Denise Ward



Martin Culhane
LuAnn Culhane
Shirley Landwerlen
Richard Landwerlen
Mike Quellette
Barb Renaud
Tony Talmich
Laura Winthrop Talmich




Table 13


Table 14


Table saved for 1-8

Jim Lauder Group


Table saved for 9-16

Jim Lauder Group

Noor Ali G Haider




Table 15


Table 16


Phillip Benadum
Sandie Benadum,
Carol Hale
Sheldon Schultz
Ann Blanton
Alethea Chamberlain
Jennifer Veekamp
Patty Welling

Ron Langseth

Karen Griffin

Sapp Funderburk

Sylvester (Pat) Smith
Linda Smith

Sid Young

Dennis Martin

Judy Martin




Table 17


Table 18





Table 19


Table 20