HeadLines newsletter was started in January, 1996, using original articles, tips on health care, and sharing of everyday living experiences to aid the laryngectomee. The articles ranged from physical care to emotional support and were written for and by patients and caregivers. In 1997 we added medical professionals and the current list of contributors contains a great mix of patients, caregivers, doctors, speech pathologists and other professionals. The mail-out edition is printed and distributed each month by the Mid-South Division of American Cancer Society.


The Headlines newsletters are achived and are not updated. LInks that might be contained in them may not work.

headlines quarterly issues 


Current Edition

First Quarter 2010


First Quarter 2010

WebWhispers - Pat Sanders [Ed Chapman]

WebWhispers - Michael Csapo [Ed Chapman]

IAL -June, 2010 - Clarksville, IN


Fourth Quarter 2009

Victim To Survivor [Debi Austin]

WebWhispers – What Is It? [Ed Chapman]

WebWhispers – Who Are We? [Ed Chapman]

WebWhispers & Friends Cruise [Pat Sanders]


Third Quarter 2009

New Product to Watch [Pat Sanders]

Ignorance or Discrimination [Debi Austin]

WebWhispers - Who are We [Ed Chapman]

Adding to Knowledge [Pat Sanders]


Second Quarter 2009

The Role of the Dietitian [Dena McDowell, MS, RD, CD]

Letter to WebWhispers Email List [Tim Hembree]

IAL Annual Meeting/Voice Institute 2009 – San Mateo, CA

Living Better through Chemistry [Debi Austin]

Wandering in WebWhispers.org


First Quarter 2009

Choose to be a Miracle [Debi Austin]

Make Your Yearly Checkup a Good One [Pat Sanders]

Email Question from a First Year Lary


Fourth Quarter 2008

Stretching and Strengthening #2 [Shari Aizenman]

Ten Years and Living Well [Janna Eyer]

Trouble Swallowing Pills [Hints from WW Library]


Third Quarter 2008

Cancer Follow Up [Tammy Wigginton, M.S., CCC/SLP]

IAL Annual Meeting & Voice Institute in Little Rock, AR

The Power of Words [Debi Austin]

Medicare & Me [Pat Sanders]


Second Quarter 2008

STRETCH AND STRENGTHEN, Part 1 [Shari Aizenman]
Auntie Debi? [Debi Austin]
Voice Magnifier, Model VM [Dorothy Lennox]
Pilates [Max Hoyt]
My Dream [Steve Staton]


First Quarter 2008

When I Dream, I Dream in Voice [GW "Fuzzy" Buck]
The Sisters [Tammy Wigginton, M.S., CCC/SLP]


Fourth Quarter 2007

Using a Suctioning Machine [Wigginton & Finfrock]
My Mom Has Cancer.Will she be OK? [Camp Newhope]
Human Nature vs. Nature of the Human [Debi Austin]
Belling the Cat [from Aesop's Fables


Third Quarter 2007

Stretching Through Your Cruise [Shari Aizenman]
Doin' the doctor dance... [Debi Austin]
Caregivers - Our Angels in Disguise {Tribute & Links to sites]


Second Quarter 2007

Best of Intentions [Vicki Eorio]
Cruise Journal - So Caribbean [Terry Duga]


First Quarter 2007

HeadLines to be Quarterly [Pat Sanders]

Orphans in the Storm [Vicki Eorio]

We Are In Charge of the Banquet [Debi Austin]

Dancing the Two-Step [Sunny Bakken]

Headlines Monthly issues - through 2006




Dutch Helms 1943-2006 [Debi Austin]

Boss N Us [Bob Power]


Let your Life Speak [Debi Austin]

Calling 911, Part II [Michael Dreisbach]

Isabelle Webber [Donna McGary]


Calling 911, Part I [Michael Dreisbach]

How One Lary Went Back TO Work [David Ross]

We're Fine, the House is Gone, and the Cat is Pissed [Bob Power]
More on Flying [Editor]
The Trouble with Travel [Shari Aizenman]
What's It Like To Be A Moderator? [Barb Stratton]
"Dutch" [Pat Sanders]
A Friend Returns [Vicki Eorio]
Making the Right Treatment Choice [David Blevins]
Fatigue [Pat Sanders]
My Travel Needs [Rita Myers]
Dealing with Telephones and Computers [Pat Sanders]
Come Join Us in Chicago [Jack Henslee]
Oncologist and Laryngectomee [Charles R. Tweedy]
Looking Back – 40 Years [Eve Jowers]
Head and Neck Cancer, The "Other" Cancer [Tina Long]
Getting Back To Work [Bill Whittle]
Still Dreaming and Wishing After All These Years [Diane Davis]
Being There - [Chaplin Duke Martin]
My Story of Survival [James Posey]
My Dad's Voice - [Jim Lauder]
Newbie [Dave Ross]
Pondering about the Past [Pat Sanders]


Yeast - Research and Reflections [Pat Sanders]
Email Q & A From the Past
Drinking & Driving, You, Too, Can Be Tested [Michael Dreisbach]
Listen To Me [Donna McGary]
How To Set The Individual Buttons On The Digital Servox [Randy Lemster]
Preparations for a Secure Hands Free Seal [Richard Crum]
Oh, My God!! I Can't Swallow! (Part Deuz) [Dutch Helms]
Two Unlikely Angels [O. Jim Gill]
Ten Years of Larydom [Pat Sanders]
One Year Away - IAL 2006 in Biloxi
Oh, My God!! I Can't Swallow! [Dutch Helms]
Stroke - Are You In Danger? [Pat Sanders]
Talk to Me [Donna McGary]
IAL 2005 in Boston [Murray Allan et al]
The Road to San Miguel de Allende [Joan Burnside]
My Oral Cancer Scare (And Associated Issues) [Dutch Helms]
Moderating an Email List [Dutch Helms]
Can You Spell Laryngectomee? [Scott Bachman]
Esophageal Dilation in Head & Neck Cancer Patients to Include Laryngectomy [Dr. L. F. Johnson]
Traveling Thoughts [Jim Lauder]
Pets and Laryngectomees Communicate [Jane Varner]
Tracheostomal Stenosis [SLP Barbara P. Messing and Dr. Richard M. Hirata]
Over the Hump to Being Well Again [Tom Harley]
Pneumonia? [Editor]
How is Your Thyroid Working? [Pat Sanders]
Worth Repeating! (Radiation Therapy) [Nancy McChesney]
Let's Go Cruising [Pat Sanders]


A Story of Survival [Gary Hurst]
Finding Your Own Niche [Pat Sanders]
Sorting the Fragments [Paul J. Sampson]
Massage and Stretching, An Introduction [Shari Aizenman]
(Shari's Article in .doc format, in .pdf format)
What If ...? Insurance Answers (Part 1 of 3) [Dorothy Lennox]
Larynx Cancer - Almost 50 Years Ago [Frances Stack]
So What If It's Not New Years [Pat Sanders]
What if ...? Insurance Answers (Part 2 of 3) [Dorothy Lennox]
Now That's a Nice Scar [Shari Aizenman]
(Shari's Article in .doc format, in .pdf format)
What if ...? Insurance Answers (Part 3 of 3) [Dorothy Lennox]
Settling Some Ashes [Pat Sanders]
Upcoming Health Insurance for Midlifers [Pat Sanders]
VA to expand service facilities [News]
Sounds of a Servox [Carolyn Chenault]
A Different Type of Hero [Stan Mruk]
Meetings [Pat Sanders]
Laryngectomees & Thyroid Problems [Pat Sanders]
The Crocheting Lady [Pat Sanders]
Back from the IAL [Pat Sanders]
Notes on Newsletters [Pat Sanders]
Hang Your Clothes from the Hickory Bush [Bill Barnes]
Last Minute Shopping Spree [Herb Simon]
Discovering Life after a Total [Harry Miller]
Caregivers - Trading Places [Gerry Rice]
Paramedics, ER, & Electrolytes [Pat Sanders]
Recovering Slowly [Jim Rice]
Sometimes Nurses Learn from Us [Jane Varner]
WebWhispers Information Library [Pat Sanders]
The Importance of Friends [Dutch Helms]
Coping with the Cut [Jim McDougall]


What’s new with surgical treatment for laryngeal cancer? [William R Carroll, MD]
A Retrospect 1996-2003 [Editor]
“Chemo Brain”, a Cognitive Dysfunction [Pat Sanders]
Grief Counseling Helped Me [Marona Posey]
Internet Sites for coping with Grief
Suggestions for dealing with grief [Muriel Thompson]
Caregivers [Susan Cain]
Getting your life back, a slice at a time [Bill Snowden]
Reflexology, Part V on self-massage [Shari Aizenman]
(Shari's Article in .doc format, in .pdf format)
Once upon a time…with WebWhispers Online […D]
Knowing we are different. Assuming we are the same [Pat Sanders]
Esophageal Self-Dilation [Ronaldd J. Neubert]
My Big Fat Annual Checkup [Rick Rivenbark]
Magnificent Vision [Jack Henslee]
Speech Options: Myth or Fact? [Brian Shute, Ph.D., CCC]
Sinus and Nasal Problems after Laryngectomy [Pat Sanders]
Fact and Fantasies from 1980 [Mary Jane Renner, MSW]
Care of the Artificial Larynx [Jim Lauder]
Cancer is a Laughing Matter [Rick Rivenbark]
The Right S-T-R-E-T-C-H, Part I [Shari Aizenman]
(Shari's Article in .doc format, in .pdf format)
Cancer and Diet [Internet]
Treating the Whole Family [Caryn Melvin, Ph.D. CCC-SLP]
Be Aware [Pat Sanders]
Emotional Byproducts of Cancer [Pat Sanders]
Insurance Coverage [Dorothy Lennox]
Depression [Katherine Hamilton]
"Ribbet, Ribbet" Beware those radiation treatments! [Vance Redden]
Dating and Relationships (after laryngectomy) [Debi Austin]
Once Bitten - Twice Shy (checking for cancer) [Pat Sanders]
Product Notice from Inhealth
The Right S-T-R-E-T-C-H, Part II [Shari Aizenman]
(Shari's Article in .doc format, in .pdf format)


Medicare/Medicaid Benefits [Vicki Eorio]
How Can I Get This Thing To Stick - Hands-Free [Terry Duga]
Visitation - Four in a Row [Murray Allan]
Stomach Gas and Acid Reflux in Laryngectomees [Carla DeLassus Gress, ScD]
Me and My Tubes [Carole Rabin and Debra Rabin Abraham, MSN,RN,C]
A Change of Attitude [Ron Gillette]
Laryngectomee Father/Laryngectomee Daughter [Vicki Eorio]
3 pc Dinner [Vance Redden]
God Has A Purpose [Charles Lamar]
Batteries and Chargers [Ron Gillette]
An Open Letter to a New Laryngectomee [Ron Langseth]
Change Your Own Prosthesis? How Often? [Pat Sanders]
The Right Touch, Part I on self-massage [Shari Aizenman]
(Shari's Article in .doc format, in .pdf format)
When Does Care-Giving start? [Pat Sanders]
To Go or Not To Go [Carole Rabin]
TEP Repuncture [Glenn E. Peters, MD]
Adjustable Tracheostoma Valves 101 [Katie Dietrich-Burns, M.S., CCC-SLP]
The Right Touch, Part II [Shari Aizenman]
(Shari's Article in .doc format, in .pdf format)
Support: What is enough and how do I get it? [Muriel Thompson]
The Right Touch, Part III [Shari Aizenman]
(Shari's Article in .doc format, in .pdf format)
How Much Do You Pay For Your Drugs? [Syd Gartenberg]
Alaska, Again [Pat Sanders]
New or Experienced - It Doesn't Matter [Stan Mruk]
Humidity, Relatively Speaking [Pat Sanders]
Comments on Vancouver IAL [Dorothy Lennox]
Anniversary [Kevin Berry]
The Right Touch, Part IV [Shari Aizenman]
(Shari's Article in .doc format, in .pdf format)
Oral Adapters [Dorothy Lennox]
Calibrating your Hygrometer [from Internet]
Recurrence or another Primary [David Myssiorek, MD]
Q&A on feeling bloated - Is it air? [Katie Dietrich-Burns, M.S., CCC-SLP]
Staging of Cancers [ACS Web Site]


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy [Glenn E. Peters, MD]
Job Talk - Laryngectomees in Sales [Harriet Thurston, Herb Simon]
Letter to a Laryngectomee-to-be [David Blevins]
Beyond the Arctic Circle [Belva Pearce]
First, You Get Their Attention - a doctor's visit [Pat Sanders]
Types of Neck Dissections [Glenn E. Peters, MD]
Look Before You Leap [Charles Lamar]
What Your Prosthesis Tells You [Pat Sanders]
Saying Goodbye to my Old Voice [David Blevins]
How I Found Home on the Internet [Bob Hodge]
My Caregiver Needs Care [Pat Sanders]
A Different Kind of Cancer [Libby Fitzgerald]
Hope Lodge [Info from ACS]
Dead Space [Glenn E. Peters, MD]
You Count - You're Important [Stan Mruk]
Total Laryngectomee Rehabilitation [David Blevins]
Acid Reflux - Then and Now [Pat Sanders]
Diet for Acid Reflux? [Max Hoyt]
Being a Lary - [Marie Sherwood]
Burned Toast and the Sense of Smell [Pat Sanders]
Benefits Checkup
Looking But Not Seeing [Dick Williams]
TEP Problems: Leakage [Katie Dietrich M.S. CCC-SLP
The Servox and Hearing Aids [Vicki Metz]
Voice Too Weak [address]
Back To The Basics [Pat Sanders]
Protect Yourself at Visitation
"Don't worry, Dad, it'll be OK!" [Vance Redden]
Some TEP Problems [Glenn E. Peters, MD]
Keeping the Candle Burning [David Blevins]
Chaplin in a Cancer Center [Barbara Watts]
Effects of Esophageal Dilations on TEP [Dr. Dan Kelly from WWHH listserv]
Good Times and Bad [Charles Lamar]


Articles from 2000

Ask the Doc?? Fistula [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Jan
What Did Happen To Us [Pat Sanders] Jan
Well, Guess What? I Got Caught [Charles Lamar] Feb
Ask the Doc?? Airflow [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Feb
Ask the Doc?? Respiratory Problems [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Mar
Lary to Lary - Hospital Visitation [Pat Sanders] Mar
Advice SLP/Lary [Frances Stack] Apr
Frustration [Steve Verngren] Apr
Those Who Can, Teach! Part I [David Blevins] Apr
The Sound of Silence [Avis Kaeselau] May
Comments on Irrigation [Blevins/Peters] May
Thinning Mucus and Saliva [Pat Sanders] May
What on Earth Happened to my Thyroid Gland? [[Glenn E. Peters, MD] Jun
Hemi or Partial? [Carla DeLassus Gress, Scd] Jun
Voice Quest, Part II [David Blevins] Jun
Four Generations of Laryngectomees [Frances Stack, MA, CCC ret.] Jul
Ask the Doc?? Cream, not Ointment [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Jul
Equipment for Larys [Suggestions] Jul
Laser Surgery [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Aug
Is That Kojak? G. Gordon or Robocop [Scott Bachman] Aug
Using an Amplifier [Dorothy Lennox] Aug
When Do You Know if Radiation Worked? [David Myssiorek] Aug
Cleaning Prosthesis in Place [Pat Sanders] Aug
Mucus-Mucous [Spelling] Sep
Bio [Terry Duga] Sep
Ask the Doc?? Spinal Accessory Nerve[Glenn E. Peters, MD] Oct
ES or TEP? How Do They Work [Katie Dietrich, M.S. CCC-SLP] Oct
Hello, Helloooo! [Vance Redden] Oct
Alcohol ~ The Other Evil [Stan Mruk] Oct
Yeast, My Experience [Max Hoyt] Nov
Learning From a Child [Charles Lamar] Nov
Laryngectomee? Is That a New Religion? [Murray Allan] Dec
That Ole Devil Pineapple [Vance Redden] Dec
Internet Sites [How to Get There] Dec


Articles from 1999

All the Right Stuff [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Jan
Humorous Education [Scotty Chandler] Feb
Ask the Doc?? Timing of TEP [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Feb
The Shrinking Stoma [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Mar
Talk of Whales and Things [Dick Scheele] Mar
Jewell's Story [Jewell Hoffman] Mar
Ask the Doc?? Why Radiation?[Glenn E. Peters, MD] Apr
Hospice Report [Pat Sanders] Apr
Fear, Anger, Coping and Love [Linda Smith]Apr
A Return to Sales [Herb Simon] May
Pattern for crocheted stoma cover [also see WW Hints] May
Irrigation and Humidification [Kirklin Clinic] May
Lary Lib? [David Blevins] Jun
A Recent Visit to ER [Scotty Chandler] Jun
Botox and the Laryngectomy Patient [William Carroll, MD] Jun
Stand Straight, Breathe Easy and Talk Better [Pat Sanders] Jul
Do Some Necking For Your Health [Annette Miller, SLP) Jul
Mini-Bio [Pat Sanders] Aug
Ask the Doc?? Flap, Pull up and Jejunum?[Glenn E. Peters, MD] Sep
New Lease on Life [Rick Panger] Sep
The Third Voice [Frank Morgan] Sep
Ask the Doc?? PEG tube [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Oct
Nutrition in Building the Immune System [Rebecca Ford, RD, LD] Oct
Cleaner Beds - Cleaner Lungs [David Blevins] Oct
Prosthesis Selection [Carla DeLassus Gress, Scd] Nov
Seeking a Second Opinion [Joanne F. Goldberg] Dec


Articles from 1998

Positively Positive Thinking [Charles Lamar] Jan
Lary Laughs [Al Weitzel] Jan
What Makes Speech [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Jan
Speech Is Not All We Lost [Pat Sanders] Feb
A Common Problem [William Carroll, MD] Feb
Our Support Group! What is it Like? [Scotty Chandler] Mar
Why Me?? [Charles Lamar] Mar
Ask the Doc?? Why checkups? [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Mar
Hello from the Land of the Midnight Sun [Belva and Herbert Pearce, Jr.] Apr
Early Servox Use [Nancy D. Lewis] Apr
You say Po-tay-to and I say Po-taw-to [Joanne F. Goldberg] Apr
Ask the Doc?? Radiation Advice [Glenn E. Peters, MD] May
Yeast Problems [compiled by Pat Sanders] May
Laryngectomee, Larry or Neckbreather? [Paul Galioni] June
Ask the Doc?? Coughing up Blood [Glenn E. Peters, MD] June
Ask the Doc?? Reflux [Glenn E. Peters, MD] July
Some Suggestions About Glue [A Compilation] July
Depression and Recovery [Dutch Helms] Aug
Check Thyroid [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Aug
I'll Make It Now [Scotty Chandler] Sep
Fly, Fly, Away [Philip Clemmons] Sep
TEP Prosthesis Selection [Carla DeLassus Gress, ScD, CCC-Slp] Sep
Ask the Doc?? Vasovagal Syncope [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Oct
Life Is Even Better [Charles Lamar] Oct
Ask the Doc?? Cover your Stoma [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Nov
The VA, Social Security and Me [Ralph MacCracken} Nov
Swallowing Difficulty (following laryngectomy) [William Carroll, MD] Dec
Medicine as a Second Language [Joanne F. Goldberg] Dec


Articles from 1997

It Isn't All In Your Head, but some of it is! [Rick Rivenbark] Jan
Communication, Again [Pat Sanders] Feb
Anatomy of a First Group Meeting {A Caregiver's Perspective] Mar
My Daddy Doesn't Have a Beard [Jenny Dixon] Mar
How's Your Percentage%% [Pat Sanders] Apr
Great and Wonderful [Charles Lamar] Apr
E-mail from Scotty [S. Chandler] Apr
Eating Good Foods, Staying Healthy [Pat Sanders] May
Ask the Doc?? Runny Nose [Glenn E. Peters, MD] May
Exercise Is a Must, Part 1 [Scotty Chandler] June
Been There, Done That [Charles Lamar] July
Ask the Doc?? Constipation [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Aug
Ask the Doc?? Taste [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Aug
From Teaching to Learning [Laverne Shannon] Sep
Ask the Doc?? Review What is Cancer [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Sep
Taking Care of Ourselves [Chares Lamar] Sep
Home for the Hospital [Carolyn Chenault] Oct
Ask the Doc?? Wine [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Oct
More Exercises, part 2 [Scotty Chandler]Oct
Shadow of a Taste [Pat Sanders] Nov
Ask the Doc?? Coughing & Phlegm [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Nov
Ask the Doc?? Spinal Accessory Nerve [Glenn E. Peters, MD] Dec
Humidifier [Pat Sanders]


Articles from 1996

Humidify [Pat Sanders ]
Father's Laryngectomy [Carolyn Hayes]
Planning a Kit for Travel, Flushing with Pipette [Charles Lamar]
As I See It [Philip Clemmons]
How Soon We forget [Pat Sanders]
The Importance of Attitude [Charles Lamar]
Patience, Determination and Work [Pat Sanders]
Fear Knocked at my Door [Carolyn Hayes]
Why Foods Don't Taste the Same [Rick Rivenbark]
IAL Annual Meeting [Vonda Bearden]
Holiday Party Memories from Last Year [Pat Sanders]
Communicating - A New Way [Charles Lamar]
A Day I Love and Hate [Scotty Chandler]
TEP-ology [Bob Barker]
Helpful Hints for Laryngectomees


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